Highlands Elementary Eagle Initiative 


    Ladies and Gentlemen, here at Highlands Elementary, we have been blessed to have our very own Bald Eagle Family living on campus. As a result, I am putting forward the Highlands Elementary Eagle Initiative. The Initiative, by design is to educate our Staff, Students, Local and International Community about this mighty symbol of patriotism while it is on display for all to enjoy.

    Over the years, there have been many pictures and video taken of our Eagle and we are looking to gather as many of our Eagle Family as possible. The proposal being made as a part of the Highlands Elementary Eagle Initiative is to work in conjunction with the Osceola School District, Audubon Society, Local Zoo and Media in the concerted effort to recognize and study the Bald Eagles on Highlands Elementary school grounds with a High Definition Camera for 24/7 viewing and the recognition for the awesomeness they deserve.

    Our First Step in the process was to Name That Eagle! We put out the survey to have the students pick between 4 choices or to fill in their own suggestion. The survey was open for a number of weeks and in the end, we had a Winner.

    Big Al the Eagle and his family were the overwhelming choice!

    Stay tuned for the developing story! 


Big Al in his glory