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    • Bus Transportation and Routes

      Dismissal begins at 3:20PM, Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri.  Weds at 2:20PM

      The following are the AM/PM Bus Routes:

      216E AM - 114E PM
      209 AM - 111EPM
      200E AM & PM
      202C AM & PM
      209E AM & PM
      200 AM & PM
      825C AM - 224E PM
      233C AM & PM
      209 AM & PM
      446 AM & PM
      233 AM & PM

      For more information about school bus transporation, please visit our Transportation Department website or call 407-483-3673

      Download the Here Comes the Bus app to track your child's bus location or Herecomesthebus.com

      School Code (73760)


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