• Narcoossee Middle School Uniforms

    Dress Code Updates and Changes for 2018 - 2019

    * After meeting with SAC, the following updates will begin in the 2018-19 school year.

    * Narcoossee Middle School will only allow full zippered or buttoned jackets/sweaters on campus so that uniform shirts are visible. All outerwear should be in dress code color as listed below. Pullover hoodies will not be acceptable attire. Hats/hoods are not permitted to be worn on campus.
    * Monday - Thursday students are expected to follow the county dress code: Solid school color collared shirts (Navy Blue, Black, White, Hunter Green, & Light Pink) with dark blue, black or khaki bottoms of denim, corduroy, or twill fabric of appropriate size and length should be worn. No ripped or faded jeans are not allowed.

    * Students will wear their personal school issued ID on a lanyard that is visible at all times.

    * Examples of school uniform shirts and correct colors are available in the front office.

    * Each Friday, students have the opportunity to show their Narcoossee Middle School pride by wearing a NCMS shirt.

    A complete copy of The Osceola District Student Appearance and Dress Code Policy can be found in the Code of Student Conduct booklet.



    The new policy also includes the following:

    **The size of shirts and pants must be appropriate to the student’s body size and not oversized or undersized.

    **Shirts must be tucked into the waistband of the pants or skirt. Exceptions will be allowed in individual cases at the principal’s discretion.

    **Pants or shorts with belt loops must be worn with a belt so that the waistband is worn at the waist and not below.

    ** The hem of the girls’ skirts or dresses must be no shorter than mid-thigh.

    **Middle school students’ footwear must be closed toe and heel athletic shoes.

    ** Hats, headgear, or any head covering will not be permitted except when approved by the Principal

    **Clothing can be purchased from any retailer or vendor.

    **School administrators have final authority to decide if clothing complies with the rules.

    No student will be denied attendance at school or be penalized for failing to wear a school uniform due to financial hardship. Each school and School Advisory Council will be developing procedures and criteria to offer assistance to these students. Parents are asked to notify their school principal if assistance is needed.

    To see the School Uniform Policy in its entirety, Click Here to go to district web site.