•                    Haven                                                                      Annie                                                                    Sterling


    Hello, our names are Haven, Annie, and Sterling. We will be students at St. Cloud Elementary School.  We are such special students that they put us on the campus of St. Cloud Elementary School.  Our title is an Educational Assistance Dog. We will have different handlers on the school campus. We cannot wait to meet all our new friends at school. 

    Even though we are students, and love learning new things, we are here to work.  We are here to keep things calm, safe, and stress free for all the special humans.  When we are working, we wear our special vests.  Of course, we are still dogs and love to be petted, however, when we have on our vests, we are on the job. We cannot interact with you, because all our attention needs to be on our special jobs. So, please think of our vests as a stop sign. Do not distract us. Although, we would love to greet you, please know that our jobs are important, so our focus will be on our special jobs. 

    What does all this mean? It means when we are working, ours vests will be on. We cannot pay attention to you so, please do not call us, and no touching. You will see us all around the school. We will be on the playground, at block, in the library and even in the cafeteria. You may pass us in the hallway. We are not being rude when we don’t interact with you. We just need to do our very important job. 

    We can’t wait for our first day at St. Cloud Elementary School. We are so proud to be students!  


    Haven, Annie, and Sterling 

    Girl with EAD