Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Yalixza Medina

My name is Deputy Medina, but my friends and family call me Yaly (a.k.a. Jolly).I began my career in 1998 at the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office as a student worker, while attending Gateway high school.  During that time, I also participated in the dual enrollement program at the Technical Education Center of Osceola County, where I obtained a Legal Secretary Certificate.In 1999, after graduating, I accepted a full time civilian position in the Criminal Investigations Department. Two years later I enrolled in the Valencia Criminal Justice Institute and attended the Law Enforcement Academy part-time. Upon graduating in 2002, I immediately became a Deputy Sheriff and transferred to the patrol Division.Throughout my career at the Sheriff’s Office, I have had the pleasure of working and assisting in multiple departments to include Records, Intake, Evidence, Patrol, Criminal Investigations and Community Services.  I was a detective in the Property Crimes Unit for 10 years, until June 2016 when I transferred to the School Safety Division.   Working in the school system has shown me a different side of law enforcement, which has become my passion. As a School Resource Officer, I have worked at various schools, but my focus has been elementary.This school year I am honored to join and become a part of the HAWKS family!!!! My mission is to ensure your child has a safe learning environment, keeping our campus, students and satff, safe and secure.  I also look forward to building relationships with my students to influence and guide them into becoming better citizens by being a positive role model.During my time off from work I enjoy reading, cooking, and going to the beach.  I truly live the “Salt Life” and that’s often where I am on the weekends.  I’ve been told I inadvertently tend to walk around with a serious face; but I assure you I am very approachable.  Behind the serious face, is a great smile, and amazing sense of humor, so please don't hesitate to stop by and say hello.Go HAWKS!!! #hawkssoar