• "I’ve learned to care for my patients as if they are one of my family members. Our goal as a pharmacy technician is to have patients feel completely safe, and to have no doubt of being harmed. One lesson that I learned to help this goal is to be very attentive and precise with our work. Another lesson I learned that has been helpful in my personal life is that if I "Stay ready" I won’t have to "Get ready." So, with anything and everything I do in pharmacy and in life, I will do it to the best of my ability."

    - David Gomez, RPhT (Class of 2017) working at Publix Pharmacy


    "I am a Certified and Florida Registered Pharmacy Technician. I graduated from Technical Education Center Osceola, TECO (now called Osceola Technical College) in 2013 after interning in a retail pharmacy. Before graduating I volunteered as a pharmacy technician at Sedanos, however the manager decided to hire me as a technician instead! The Pharmacy Technician program was super valuable to me in a way that made me realize pharmacy is an amazing career for people who love helping others and being there for patients any way that you can. I gained a lot of knowledge about pharmacy and the real world, including how to research and find information about drugs more easily."

    - Laura Palacio, CPhT, RPhT (Class of 2013)


    "The Pharmacy Technician program is vital for anyone interested in the pharmacy field and healthcare profession. The field of pharmacy is experiencing rapid growth. Thus, this program allows prospective technicians to gain the knowledge and skills needed to improve pharmacy operations and deliver quality care. By completing the program, I was able to work for two years at the University of Florida's Center for Quality Medication Management, where I conducted telephonic services addressing possible medication adherence issues patients encountered. Currently, I work at Genoa Healthcare, a specialty pharmacy for patients with behavioral issues where I continue to apply the skills taught from the Pharmacy Technician program. This program provided me the confidence needed to perform the duties of a pharmacy technician and ensure that the highest levels of customer service are achieved. I would not have been able to gain experience in such practice settings if it wasn't for this program. I wasn't sure I wanted to become a pharmacist until I went through the program. I have loved pharmacy tech, so I was like, why not go further? So, I am presently working on my PharmD (doctorate degree in pharmacy) at the University of Florida, College of Pharmacy."

    - Carmen J. Hernandez Zengotita, CPhT, RPhT (Class of 2014)


    "I am a May 2020 graduate from the Pharmacy Technician program at Osceola Technical College. My experience was great! I liked the program. For me it was challenging and yet fun. I would highly recommend the program to anyone wanting to enter the field of pharmacy."

    - Farida Hassan, CPhT, RPhT (Class of 2020)
    "Something that I valued while I was in the program was how the instructor was with the field of a pharmacy technician and the different aspects of the field. Throughout the program Ms. Gail Brown introduced students as senior technicians and entry technicians, which I thought was very neat.  I started my career as a pharmacy technician with Walgreens Pharmacy in January 2019. I also did my internship with Walgreens.  Throughout my first year working in the field I noticed the exposure training I was learning while in the program, from filling prescription, working with other pharmacists and technicians, customer interactions in a pharmacy setting, to reading prescriptions.  I was amazed to have made the connection from what I had learned in the program and from the experiences of this past year in the field.  I am thankful for Ms Gail Brown for her knowledge of this career and for wanting her students to succeed in this career.  I would not know where I would be without taking this program."
    - Marcus Pedroza, RPhT (Class of 2016)
    "The Pharmacy Technician Program at Osceola Technical College was a great experience. The program prepared me with the knowledge necessary to work on the field. It gave me the opportunity to be an intern at a chain retail pharmacy which later offered a position after my graduation on 2018. It’s an amazing way to build a professional network. I definitely recommend this program to everyone that wants a high quality education, work ethic foundation, and a quick route to employment right after the program completion. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do!"
    -Elizabeth Hernandez (CPhT, RPhT) Classroom Leader and Guest Speaker
    "During my time at oTECH, I aquired the skills to develop lifelong abilities such as multi-tsking and time management. Best about oTECH's pharmacy technician program was the opportunity to get real hands on experience during internship, where I am currently employed."
    - Christopher Rodriguez, CPhT, RPhT (Class of 2018) Classroom Leader and Guest Speaker
    "Osceola Technical College has an exceptional pharmacy technician program. In 2017, I pursued the program as a dual enrollment student and completed an ASHP accredited internship with Walgreens Pharmacy. The pharmacy technician program prepared me for my internship because lecture and hands on learning were incorporated every day I attended. I learned vital concepts such as how inpatient and outpatient pharmacies function, the importance of medication therapy management, compounding techniques, and much more.  I felt comfortable asking questions and got tons of hands on practice. My instructor, Ms. Brown used her passion to create a safe and professional learning space for her students. During the year, guest speakers came to talk to students about experiences and topics such as patient care and growth in pharmacy.  Currently, I am completing my nursing prerequisites at my local community college. The pharmacy technician program provided me opportunities and insight on my health care career journey.  Anyone who is thinking about enrolling in Osceola Technical College’s Pharmacy Technician program should go for it. Becoming a pharmacy technician is a rewarding career and you can make a difference in others’ life."
    - Kamila Alcantaro, RPhT, OTECH Pharmacy Technician Graduate 2017
    "I graduated in 2018 from the Pharmacy Technician program at Osceola Technical College. It was a great experience. In just one year I had my Pharmacy Technician Diploma and have been working ever since. I recommend this College as it was the best decision for me. The staff and the teachers are very friendly and helpful. Specially Ms. Brown (my teacher at the Saint Cloud Campus) . With her knowledge and experience it was a great way to learn."
    - Jessica Rosado CPhT, RPhT (Class of 2018)
    "I graduated from the Pharmacy Technician program back in 2016. I’m still currently working in the field, in the MTM arena. The program not only opened a door of a great career opportunity for me, but also introduced me to all the different options/types of work that can be done in Pharmacy. I enjoyed what I learned in class and what I learn on a daily basis at my job. It’s a career I like a whole lot and intend to continue pursuing for a very long time!"
    -  Teara Igartua CPhT, RPhT (Class of 2016) Former Program Advisory Board member
    "I wish to tell about my experience I had while I attended oTECH. It was one of the most memorable times I ever had while receiving an education. On top of the classroom excellent experience I had possibly the best instructor anyone could have, Verender Gail Brown. It was super easy to find a job placement with the connections she provided to her students and I managed to land an outstanding internship at AdventHealth Celebration Hospital, formerly known as "Florida Hospital Celebration Health". I am currently a 3rd year biomedical sciences student and Ms. Brown taught me things that was beyond pharmacy technician duties to be more just than technicians once we got out and all the information taught correlates to what I am learning in college now. I am currently a registered pharmacy technician (RPhT) and will take my certification exam soon to become a certified pharmacy technician (CPhT).
    She introduced me to the Florida Pharmacy Association and it has been a fantastic experience even after graduating with constant motivation to become a leader and make a change in the medical field. OTECH has the highest quality instructors you could ever find anywhere, while I attend Valencia College and taking classes from UCF I have yet to have such an amazing professor like her. She has been more than just an instructor to me, since day one from attending her class it felt like family. I heavily doubt there is any pharmacy technician program better than the one oTECH has.
    I actually met Ms. Brown during career day while I was in high school and she engaged me into pharmacy practices such as compounding and I profoundly fell in love with the field. Years past and I managed to get in her class as duel-enrollment student and it was a blast. I am class of 2017 from her pharmacy technician class, and I would do it again if I could. I would 1000% percent recommend this course to anyone interested in taking this course. It was one of the best decisions of my life and changed it for the best."
    - Jersey Perez, RPhT (Class of '17)
    "I started the pharmacy tech program January 2016, with no idea of what a pharmacy technician was. After about 2 months into the program, Miss Brown helped me get a job at CVS pharmacy. There I got my first "real" hands on experience in the pharmacy field. This program has brought me to where I am today! It got me a promotion when joining the military, and you also meet a lot of amazing people in the field of pharmacy. Miss Brown is there every step of the way with her students, and even finds time to sit with you individually for those who are having a harder time with the program. She makes this program wonderful in my opinion. I would recommend this program to anyone and I always do!"
    Kareem Eagar, CPhT, RPhT (Classof 2016) US Military and Guest Speaker
    "I am a graduate of the TECO program of 2014. I currently work as a clinical pharmacy technician for Enhanced Medication Services, after 5 years as a registered Pharmacy Technician at CVS. TECO & Ms. Brown had a great influence on my choice of career in the latter part of my life. "
    -Linda Arana, CPhT (Class of 2014)
    "My name is Dakota and I graduated from the Pharmacy Technician training program in 2016, doing my internship at a retail pharmacy.  Though I'm not currently working in pharmacy, the experience has absolutely paid off. I was able to find a job with the University of Florida Center for Quality Medication Management even before graduation. Using the skills I learned in the Pharmacy Technician training program allowed me to excel in my job, eventually helping me to become a senior technician just months after being hired on.  My experience in the UFCQM is exactly the reason why I was hired by the financial service company I currently work for. None of this would have been possible without this program.  Even if I never get back into pharmacy, I'll always be grateful for the experience. It has been instrumental in forming who I am today."
    - Dakota Milburn
    "The program prepared me really well in terms of didactic and practical experience. Ms. Brown has been a great mentor for me since and even helped me with placement. I would highly recommend the program to anyone seeking to be a pharmacy technician in the future. I did an internship at Taylors Pharmacy in Winter Park. There I did plenty of compounding pharmacy and learned a lot. It helped me a lot in understanding the function and value of a pharmacy technician. It was wonderful working there, and I got a lot of support from TECO now Osceola Technical College and Ms. Brown."
    - Angelo Thomas (Class of 2014)
    "As a Graduated Certified Pharmacy Technician (2018 - 2019), I can see that Osceola Technical College has been an amazing investment toward my future. They have helped me grow and decide what my true calling is in life, to be a pharmacy technician.  The resources are outstanding at this school. Our instructor Ms. Brown has created a positive environment, detailed and hands-on training, with valuable information. This class gave us a realistic understanding of our responsibility as a pharmacy technician. I am so grateful to have gotten my RPhT and CPhT because of Osceola Technical College."

    - Foroo Rahmani, BS, RPhT, CPhT (Class of 2019)