• Sports Overview and Requirements 

    Canoe Creek offers sports to elementary and middle school students. 

    Requirements: Students must try out in order to qualify for the team. To try out, students are required to have a physical exam and a consent form filled out available here: Spanish version is available here:  Please note that the consent form must to be turned into our P.E. department prior to tryouts. Please also note that a physical exam is only valid 365 days from the day it was given. 

    After tryouts, coaches decide team count and membership. Decisions are based not only on athletic ability but also academics and school behavior. Coaches use a grading rubric to make their decision. To be eligible for the Canoe Creek intramural sports program, students cannot have a failing grade or more than two D's. Failure to meet standards will result in athletic probation or disqualification from the team.

    Practice times are held immediately after school until 6:00 p.m., unless otherwise stated by the coach. Students must have transportation after practice and be picked up on time. 

    Admission to all regular season games are $1.00. Championship games, OCMSAC Finals, or any event at a high school are $3.00. While transportation to games are provided for team members, students will need transportation after games. 

Canoe Creek K-8 Athletics forms