Principal's Message



    Dear Mariner Families,

    I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits.  It is with great excitement that I extend a warm welcome back to school at Bellalago Academy! 

    We are thrilled to welcome our returning students and our newcomers for another exciting year of fun, learning, and growth.  At Bellalago, we hold all students to high expectations in all aspects of life, academics, citizenship, character, and integrity.  We appreciate your dedication to joining us in helping each student realize his or her potential now and in preparation for the future. 

    As we embark on this new academic journey, we have many points of pride to share with you all.  First, thank you to our custodial crew and our district maintenance crew for getting our campus back in tip top shape!  All requested improvements and repairs have been completed with the exception of our car loop.  Plans to improve the condition of our car loop are in the final stages, and we are hopeful to see progress soon.   Safety, security, and beautification teams have gone above and beyond, and our pride shines at Bellalago.

    Thank you to our students and teachers for their hard work.  The 2022-23 Student State test scores were excellent! Our students outperformed the District in Reading and in Math at all grades with two slight exceptions.  In addition, our teachers have taken great care to review this data and prepare to meet all students where they are and to propel them forward in their learning.  While we are data driven and determined to accelerate each student academically, let us remember that test scores are just one measure of success.  While we reflect on our individual and collective academic prowess, it does not define our potential.  We will continue to provide a well-rounded education that encompasses creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and character development.  These qualities will serve each us well beyond today.  

    Let’s harness our successes as motivation to set and achieve even greater goals.  Let’s challenge ourselves and each other to push boundaries, explore new horizons, and support one another in our pursuits.

    Once again, welcome back to school.  Let’s make this year one filled with accomplishments, memorable experiences, and a genuine sense of community.  Together, we can achieve remarkable things. 


    Here’s to a year to remember!


    In your service,



    Dr. Melanie Cleveland