• Registration Instructions for Parents

    ❏ Go to www.aktivate.com

    ❏ Click Login

    ❏ Click Create an Account (You only need ONE account, even if you have children in more than one high school and/or junior high; Do Not create another account if you have used Aktivate or Register My Athlete in the past)

    ❏ Fill in personal account information (This should be the Parent/Guardian personal information) ❏ You will be using the site as a Parent

    ❏ Click Create Account

    ❏ Lastly, input the account Verification Code that you’ll receive via email to confirm your account Please Note: You will need to open another tab (do not close your current tab) and find the verification email in your email inbox (it may take a few minutes to appear, so be patient). You can copy and paste the code into the pop-up or directly type into it. After you have an account:

    ❏ Login

    ❏ Under the Parents header, select “Click here to start/complete athlete registrations“.

    ❏ Click Start/Complete a Registration (upper left hand corner of the page) ❏ Click Start a New Registration (this is where you will enter all of your Athlete’s information)

    ❏ Follow the prompts to complete all requirements for your school’s registration If assistance is needed, click the orange button on the lower left side of the screen for live chat or email support@aktivate.com.