• Dear Students, Parent, Guardians, and local concerned citizens:

    I am thrilled with how our school year has started off.  Although we are a little over our student allocation and our class sizes are a little larger than expected the students have been great and our teachers are excited to work with them.

    As a school principal, it’s important that I receive feedback from parents on how I can best serve your child.  We have a school advisory council (SAC) that’s aim it to review our practices and make suggestions on the direction the school takes.  Our SAC meetings usually take place the second Thursday of each month and Mrs. Moral is our SAC chair.  Meeting dates will be posted on our website. Of course, you can always contact the school at 407-846-3976 to set up an appointment to meet with me if you have a personal issue you would like to make me aware of.

    It’s important for all to know that this year we are placing an emphasis on a new law that was passed in the state of Florida that does not allow students to access their cell phones during the school day; unless under the direction of the classroom teacher.  The school district has developed policies and procedures for handling students who are out of compliance.  Part of those procedures were for school personnel to review the policy with the students, afterwards we allowed a two-week window of “reminders” for students with no consequences. We hope you will speak with your child and reinforce with them the importance of following this procedure and not allowing a cell phone issue to get in the way of their education.

    Academically, we have a full staff of awesome teachers who are excited to work with your children and make this their best school year ever.


    Dr. Robert Studly


    Zenith Accelerated Academy