Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Your stuff misses you too.

    Everyone loses things now and then. When students lose something, they can look for it in the Lost and Found. When students find something that belongs to someone else, they can take it to the Lost and Found.

    Please remind your child to check our LOST AND FOUND area regularly. There are many items that are left behind at school. Feel free to come take a look to see if anything belongs to your child, or ask your child to check if you notice something is missing.

    DON'T DELAY! All unclaimed items will be donated to charity at the end of each month.


    1. Putting your child's name on hoodies, jackets, sweaters, lunch boxes, water bottles, and other personal possessions will make it easier to find and return in case you lose them.

    2. Items that you don't need for school, especially valuable ones, are best left at home. Why risk losing them?