• Top 5 projects Kissimmee spent the proceeds on:

    1. Lakefront Park Redevelopment
    2. Public Safety Training Center
    3. Oak Street Widening
    4. Thacker Avenue Widening
    5. Bob Makinson Aquatic Center

    Top 5 projects Kissimmee intends to spend proceeds on:

    1. Lancaster Ranch Park
    2. Fire Station #15
    3. Berlinsky Community House Reconstruction
    4. Recreation Center at Mark Durbin Lakeside Park
    5. New Fire Equipment (Fire engines and ambulances)


    1. Low Property Tax Rate (below State average of all cities)
    2. Strong Budgeted Reserves (over 32%)
    3. High Bond Rating (AA+)
    4. Low Debt Ratio (less than half the statewide average of all cities)
    5. Lower cost of Personnel cost per capita (less than 3/4 of the statewide average)
  • Projects in 5-Year Capital Plan – Local Option Sales Tax Fund

    Major Projects:

    • Berlinsky Community House at Lakefront Park (replacement community and performing arts center)
    • Fire Station #15 (new fire station to expand coverage)
    • Lancaster Ranch Park (new 150-acre regional park)
    • Mark Durbin Recreation Center (new community center in Lakeside)
    • Public Safety Training Center Expansion (new fire and police special ops training support building)
    • Bike Trails
    • Ballfield Lighting

    Public Safety & Services:

    • Fire Engine #15 (new fire engine to expand coverage)
    • Rescue #16 (new rescue/ambulance to expand coverage)
    • Replacement Rescue Trucks (replacements of 4 existing rescue/ambulances)

    Community Enhancements:

    • Neighborhood Improvement Program (funding for traffic calming/pedestrian improvements citywide)
    • Replacement Park Pavilions (2)
    • Replacement Breakwater at Lakefront Park Marina
    • Disabled Accessibility Improvements (crosswalk and sidewalk upgrades for the handicapped)

    Operational Items

    • Public Works Equipment (replacement trucks and heavy equipment for public works and parks)
    • Information Technology Equipment