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Ms. Joyce Graham

Dear Ventura Families, 

2022-23 Here we come! Our goal this year is to continue to foster a safe and positive environment so that students learn and grow academically, socially, and behaviorally. Our theme this year is:

Imagine It. Believe in It. Build It. Where we will use Legos to demonstrate how we will "stick together" as an "awesome team" to "build a strong learning foundation."  Something new that we will be doing this year is explicitly teaching ALL students how to regulate their emotions through a program called Zones of Regulation. We will be providing information for you to review with your child so that you can encourage these practices at home.

We will also focus on restorative practices, where our teachers will be working with students to "restore" their poor choices by reflecting, learning from their mistakes, and making a plan to make better choices in the future. Through these practices, children will be given the opportunities to learn from their mistakes and make things right with others.

We will continue to make learning fun while maintaining high expectations. I believe that all students can learn and will work hard to assist teachers in meeting their learning needs.

Along with our Dual Language Program, we will be offering instruction in medical sciences and technology with a focus on college and career readiness. This course will be provided to students through their essentials block rotation. Your child will learn all about fitness, wellness, nutrition, computer science, coding, robotics, and more! 

I will be communicating with you monthly through a digital newsletter via REMIND. You will have up-to-date information on school-wide events, parent nights, and important testing dates. I look forward to meeting you all!