• About Our School

    Mission Statement

    Harmony Community School – A community that teaches, inspires, respects, celebrates, and values everybody, every day.

    Vision Statement

    Harmony Community School - Where everyone leads by example through personal responsibility, contribution, and hard work.


    Established in: 2008

    Student Population: 960

    Mascot: Home of the Shorthorns

    FSA School Grades:

    From 2009-2019 Harmony Community School has been an A school!

    Way to Go Shorthorns!!!

    Contact Information:

    Location: 3365 Schoolhouse Rd,Harmony, FL 34773

    Phone: 407-892-1655

    Fax Main: 407-343-8745

    Fax Admin: 407-343-8746

    Office Hours: 7:30am -4:00pm


    8:20 am-3:20 pm (M, T, Th,F)

    8:20 am-2:20 pm (W)

    OFFICE HOURS: 7:30 am-4:00 pm

    Early Release

    A note must be sent to school with your child if he/she will go home in a manner different than the usual way. The school cannot take a phone call to change the mode of transportation. If you plan to pick your child up from school early, please make sure it is before 2:30 pm (1:30 pm on Wed.).

    Students will not be released through the front office after these times.

     Morning Drop-Off

    All car riders will be dropped off at the back of the school. The only exception is Pre-K students. Pre-K students will be dropped off at the front entrance to be received by their teacher.

    All students eating breakfast will go to the cafeteria. Students in grades 2-5 who have eaten breakfast will wait to be dismissed to class under the covered area. Students in grades K-1 will wait for their teachers in the cafeteria.  

    Afternoon Pick-Up

    Pre-K students will be dismissed from the front car loop. Parents are to remain in their vehicles while students are escorted to the car line. K through 5th grade car riders will be dismissed from the covered

    PE area in the rear parking loop. Please be patient.


    Bus Transportation

    Riding a school bus is privilege and all students will be expected to follow the bus safety rules and guidelines.  Students are assigned to specific buses, routes, and stops and may not be changed without authorization from the transportation department. They may be reached at (407) 518-4540.


    Accelerated Reader(AR)

    The Accelerated Reader(AR) Program provides teachers and children with a fun and exciting way to promote reading at home and in the classroom. A wide variety of books are marked with leveled AR stickers to indicate that they are AR books. Students may read AR books and take the test to earn points.

    Student Discipline

    Students are to be respectful, responsible, and problem solvers while at school. They will be expected to exercise proper judgment and make good choices while at Harmony Community School. Students who choose to violate the Code of Conduct will be given the appropriate consequences for their actions. Please refer to the current school year edition for the matrix of infractions and consequences. Student Code of Conduct is given to each incoming student and the start of each school year.


    Attendance Information

    At 8:10am all students are released to their classrooms. Any student not physically in their homeroom, when the 8:20am bell rings, will be marked as tardy for that day. Students not present will be marked absent.

    If your child is not at school, the automated attendance system will call your home. Any child absent must bring a note stating reason for absence on the following day of attendance.


    Visitor Information

    When visiting our school, you must sign in at the office and obtain a visitor badge before walking onto campus. We ask that you please wear your visitor badge on the chest of your shirt so it is visible to everyone. Please come through and exit through the front office and bring your I.D.


    Telephone Calls

    We encourage all parents to stay in close contact with their child’s teacher to ensure an open line of communication. However,messages will be taken for all calls made to the teacher during instructional time.


    Clinic Information

    At Harmony Community School a first-aid room is maintained on campus with a LPN present throughout the school day. Students who become ill or injured are sent to the first-aid room. Parents will always be notified through a clinic note or a phone call if an injury is severe. If any child is in need of outside medical attention, 911 will be called. If your child must take medication during the school day, please follow the procedures listed below:

    1. Any medication,including cough drops, must be brought to the first-aid room by the parent. No medication may be brought in by the student.

    2. The medicine must be in its original container.

    3. The parent must complete the paperwork. If your child has contagious or infections conditions(measles, fifth disease, head lice, etc.) he/she may not come in contact with other students until he/she is cleared by a medical doctor. Parents must accompany the child when re-admitted to school with proof of written medical clearance from a medical doctor.


    Parent Conferences

    All parents are encouraged to meet with the faculty and staff at our school to discuss the academic progress of their children. Please make an appointments for a conference, as teachers, counselors, administrators, etc. may not be available at all times.



    PTO is the Parent Advisory Committee, which is a group of parents, teachers, administrators, and business partners that meet on the 2nd Monday of each month to discuss issues concerning Harmony Community School. PTO also participates and organizes fundraisers, social events, and helps in supporting students and teachers. PTO sign up forms are located in the front office. Please come join PTO and help support your school. PTO may be contacted by email at shorthornspto@gmail.com



    SAC is the School Advisory Council which consist of parents, teachers, administrators, and business partners that meet monthly to discuss issues concerning Harmony Community School. The issues are focused around student achievement and goals for the school year that are created by the Council.

    The SAC committee creates the School Improvement Plan each year and reviews the outcomes from year to year to improve the learning environment at Harmony Community School. Please come join SAC and help support your school. SAC meetings are held directly following the PTO meeting. Typically the start time is 6:00pm. Specific information is sent home with students. You may call the front office for more information.


    Volunteer Information

    For field trip, the online application for OASIS must be done 3 weeks PRIOR to the field trip or you may not be able to attend. All chaperoned must be OASIS approved.

    1. Go to www.osceolaschools.net
    2. Under RESOURCES scroll down to PARENT RESOURCES.
    3. Click on VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES (left side, under heading Parent Toolbox).
    4. Click on ONLINE VOLUNTEER APPLICATION (located on the left side).
    5. Follow instructions exactly.  Be sure to read entire page before making your choice.  Write your user name & password down (if creating a new one.)
    6. When asked to select which school you would like to volunteer at, be sure to click on INSERT after making your selection.
    7. Note: When creating your password, it must have at least 7 characters with some other symbol.
    8.  (not an alphabetical letter or number. Examples: ?  /  *  - = + )

    Please remember, every time you come on campus to volunteer, you must sign in on the Visitor Notebook, receive a pass from the front desk, and log onto the OASIS Computer.

    If you have any questions please call the front office at 407-892-1655.


    Cafeteria Information

    Lunches can be prepaid on a daily,weekly or on a monthly basis during a meal session with cash or a money order. PERSONAL CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. You may also pay on your child's account with your credit card by logging on to"www.MyLunchMoney.com  All you need is your credit card, your child's student ID number and child's birthday to set up the account. In the event your child does not have money to purchase a lunch, he/she will be given an alternate meal, which consists of a cheese sandwich or peanut butter sandwich, vegetable cup and a milk. However, after 2 alternate meals have been given, the parents/guardian will be contacted and the Administration will be notified. Breakfast is from 7:50 am to 8:10am and is free for all students. Adult Breakfast is $1.75 Lunch is served between 10:50am to 1:00pm. All free status and reduced status students will be given a meal at no cost

    Uniform Policy

    For uniform policy please see the code of student conduct. Students may wear white, navy, orange, and royal blue polo shirts.

    For additional information or questions, please check out the
    District webpage