2020-2021 Online Registration

  • Welcome to the School District of Osceola County.  We are excited to have you and your students join our school community, where parents want to send their children, students want to learn, teachers want to teach and employees want to work.  


    Please follow one of the three links below, choosing the option that best fits your situation. 

    Click here if student is currently enrolled in a public/charter school of Osceola County Click here is student has ever been enrolled in a public/charter school of Osceola County Click here if student is new to the School District of Osceola County

What Should I Do With My Registration Documents?

  • Any registration documents should be emailed to your child's school registrar via the email listed below for the school.

School Registration Email
Adult Learning Center Osceola (ALCO) ALCORegistration@osceolaschools.net
Bellalago Academy BELARegistration@osceolaschools.net
Boggy Creek Elementary BCESRegistration@osceolaschools.net
Canoe Creek K-8 CCK8Registration@osceolaschools.net
Celebration High CLHSRegistration@osceolaschools.net
Celebration K-8 CK8SRegistration@osceolaschools.net
Central Avenue Elementary CAESRegistration@osceolaschools.net
Chestnut Elementary CNESRegistration@osceolaschools.net
Cypress Elementary CYESRegistration@osceolaschools.net
Deerwood Elementary DWESRegistration@osceolaschools.net
Denn John Middle DJMSRegistration@osceolaschools.net
Discovery Intermediate DSCVRegistration@osceolaschools.net
East Lake Elementary ELESRegistration@osceolaschools.net
Flora Ridge Elementary FRESRegistration@osceolaschools.net
Gateway High GWHSRegistration@osceolaschools.net
Harmony Community HRCSRegistration@osceolaschools.net
Harmony High HRHSRegistration@osceolaschools.net
Harmony Middle HRMSRegistration@osceolaschools.net
Hickory Tree Elementary HTESRegistration@osceolaschools.net
Highlands Elementary HLESRegistration@osceolaschools.net
Horizon Middle HZMSRegistration@osceolaschools.net
Kissimmee Elementary KMESRegistration@osceolaschools.net
Kissimmee Middle KMMSRegistration@osceolaschools.net
Koa Elementary KOAERegistration@osceolaschools.net
Lakeview Elementary LVESRegistration@osceolaschools.net