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KMES Shoutout!

Great things are happening at KMES! Take a moment to watch a video or read a message from our outstanding parents. 

I really appreciate all the help that Mrs. Negron has given Andres. She is awesome! She’s very attentive to him and has helped him come out of his shell and develop his confidence a lot! He’s blossomed so much since the beginning of school and he’s come a long way. He loves to sing along and dance to the songs. Now he always wants to share, before he was mostly shy. She’s always congratulating him and saying how proud she is of him and always making him feel good! She’s an amazing teacher and I’m so glad that she is with Andres!
Again I can’t thank you enough for the support I received from both you and Mrs. Negron regarding this matter, I appreciate it. Thanks and have a great day.

Sally Stewart

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