EVOC - Emergency Vehicle Operations Course

  • emergency vehicle

  • A large number of emergency service personnel and civilians are being injured and killed each year as a direct result of inappropriate driving of emergency vehicles.

    Participants in this course will have the opportunity to gain and/or verify a broad range of competencies associated with emergency vehicle driving. These competencies include basic understanding of emergency vehicle operations as well as the skills necessary for practical application.

    This is a 16 hour course under the VFIS - Volunteer Fireman's Insurance Services - curriculum, which day one will be in the classroom and day two will be on the driving pad. 

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What you'll learn

    • Legal aspcts of emergency vehicle driving
    • Standard operating procedures and guidelines
    • Florida statutes for emergency vehicle operations
    • Vehicle inspections and maintenance
    • Emergency vehicle operations and safety
    • Vehicle competency course

Upcoming Classes

  • This course is a 2-day commitment


    8/1/2022 (Monday) - 8/2/2022 (Tuesday)


    Class Time: 8:00am - 5:00pm


  • Tuition: $144

    Lab: $16

    Book: $15.05

    Total: $176.13

Register & Contact Info

  • To register for this course call 407.343.8778 or 407.344.5080 to speak with a Student Services staff.