Absenses and Withdrawal Procedures

    (24 hour notification)

    If you plan to withdraw your child, 24 hour notification must be given.

    The enrolling parent/guardian must email the records clerk the following information:

    -      Student name

    -      Date of birth

    -      Grade level

    -      If the student is going to a school within the district, outside the district or another state. If you have the name of the new school please include the name if not just the district name or state name.

    Please email this information to: Lynell.Medel@osceolaschools.net

    (Must be prearranged)

    Absence from school for a family trip other than an emergency is greatly discouraged. In almost all cases, the student's grades can suffer from being absent from regular classroom activity. In some cases, advance (prearranged) approval for a permitted absence can be obtained from the Principal.

    Attendance records will be reviewed before a permitted absence is granted by the Administration. Excessive absences (cumulative excused and unexcused in excess of 5 days) may lead to the Permitted Absence being denied. No more than 3 days will be permitted for a prearranged Permitted Absence. Anything more than 3 days will be unexcused, and you may be asked to withdraw your child from school if the time is more than 10 days. Students may re-register upon their return. Only one permitted absence form will be approved each year.