•   PBIS

    Flora Ridge Elementary uses a Positive Behavior Intervention Support System. Through this, our students are expected to S.O.A.R.

         Flora Ridge Staff and Students Are... 


                                                             ...at all times.

    Appropriate student behavior is fundamental to the educational process. Teachers maintain a system of classroom management and embody the schoolwide commitment of S.O.A.R. 

    The Code of Student Conduct outlines district guidelines of students' rights and responsibilities. The approved uniform for the School District of Osceola County is found in this book. It also explains various levels of misconduct and outlines possible options for appropriate disciplinary response. A copy of this book is provided to each family.

    Depending on the severity of a given offense, issues may be handled with a minor infraction or possibly a referral.  Persistent violation of rules will be referred to an administrator. School Discipline Referrals are written as needed.

    Toys/Candy/Gum/Cards/Unauthorized Items:  The school reserves the right to confiscate any item deemed to be disruptive to the educational process. Improper use of personal items such as hairspray, cologne, breath spray, etc., will be confiscated.  Unauthorized items, such as ipods, electronic devices, two-way radios, cameras, laser lights, stuffed animals, trading cards, etc., are not allowed in school.  Possession or sale of any such items will result in a consequence. Items will be confiscated and returned to a parent or guardian. The school will not be responsible for items not retrieved after five regular school days.

    PBIS Minor Infractions: Minor infractions are warnings given by the teacher as a reminder to students to stop the disruptive behavior. The minor infraction gives students an opportunity to correct their behavior. Multiple minor infractions result in an office referral.  Students with numerous discipline issues may be prohibited in attending special school functios, field trips or participating in extracurricular activities.


    S.O.A.R. to Success… During Recess/Structure Play

    • Include others during free play - selfless
    • Organize rules for any given game - organized
    • Make sure recess rules are followed - accountable
    • Be kind to all during recess time - respectful

    Soar to Success… In the Hallway

    • Help those in need - selfless
    • Walk single file, facing forward, one tile from wall - organized
    • Walk quietly through halls while follow school rules - accountable
    • Be kind to each other and our school when in the hallway - respectful


    Phoenix Funds:  Students will be rewarded throughout the school year with “Phoenix Funds” for demonstrating our school’s expectations in and out of the classroom. Students will be able to use this “money” to purchase prizes from the PBIS store, tickets to PBIS events, entry to PBIS sponsored movie nights and other PBIS sponsored activities. Phoenix Funds must have the students name on them, as well as a teacher’s name. Students may not share or give anyone else their Phoenix Funds