• Tips for Accessing ClassLink at Home with personal devices, i.e. Apple or Android Devices.
    • Log in to ClassLink while logged on to a school computer to check that you can access your District resources and applications. This will ensure that the groups, usernames, and passwords are correct for all of your resources.
    • Use Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer – these browsers work best with ClassLink.
    • The first time ClassLink is accessed at home, the browser will need to install the ClassLink extensions. To do this, just click “Ok” or “Yes” when prompted until the install is complete. Then restart the browser.
    • Make sure any “Pop Up” blockers are turned off as ClassLink uses popup windows.
    • If there is more than one student at home using ClassLink, make sure they log out of ClassLink, log off the computer or restart the computer between each student’s session.

    Logging into ClassLink at Home
    Open a web browser (i.e. Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer)
    1. Navigate to ClassLink at https://launchpad.classlink.com/osceola
    2. You must see the District logo to know you’re on the correct page.
    3. “Click Here to Sign In”
    4. Sign in with your Active Directory username and password
    (same as at school)
    5. Once a user logs in with this AD authentication, they will not need to login to any ClassLink Apps unless they close out ClassLink, shut down, or restart their computer.

    Apple and Android Devices
    • There are both iOS & Android apps for ClassLink. To find the correct ClassLink app for Osceola County,
    go to the respective app store and search “SDOC.”
    • For the applications in ClassLink that require AD Authentication, it is necessary to use the web browser on your mobile device. To access these Apps on your mobile device, follow steps 1 through 4 above in the web browser.