• Library View

    Welcome to the East Lake Media Center! What do you remember about the library from your childhood? Was it quiet? Well... that is NOT the case here! You'll never hear me ask for a quiet library. I believe that the Media Center should be a place of wonder, collaboration, and fun. In our library we believe that students should find a book they are excited about and want to read. The belief in children choosing their own titles will often result in one of three things:
    1. Students will realize ON THEIR OWN, that a book was too challenging and will come back to talk about other choices. 
    2. A fluent reader (sibling, parent, or other family member or friend) will model fluent reading for the student.
    3. They may just struggle through it and learn something new, or aquire new and exciting vocabulary!

    Enjoy our space, and as always... happy reading!