• Dual Language Performance
    East Lake Elementary is a proud, Dual Language school!

    As we are building our program we currently offer Dual Language in:

    • VPK 
    • Kindergarten 
    • First Grade
    • Second Grade 
    • Third Grade
    • Fourth Grade: Coming 2021/2022 school year
    • Fifth Grade: Coming 2022/2023 school year

    Dual Language Mission

    "To effectively develop high achieving, bilingual, bi-literate students with positive cultural attitudes."

    Dual Language Vision

    "The program's vision is to educate our students in a multicultural learning environment. Provide an effective academic approach with an additive bilingual environment in which our students will have greater opportunities, as a result of the acquisition of two languages. It is our hope that our students will be well prepared, and have the pride and self-confidence 
    to be successful in the competitive international community."

    What is the Dual Language Program?

    The Dual Language program promotes high levels of academic achievement while supporting students in acquiring a second language as well as promoting a cross cultural understanding for all learners. Academic subjects are taught to all learners in both English and Spanish. The program creates a bi-literate environment while students maintain their first language while acquiring a second.

    Benefits of the Dual Language Program

    Students with the ability to process information in two languages develop a higher level of thinking skills.
    Students perform at or above grade level in both languages as demonstrated in district-wide reading assessments and State Assessment Test (FSA-minimal 3rd grade retention); The program promotes future academic success, therefore students will have greater opportunities in a competitive global society.
    Students effectively communicate in both languages demonstrating a high level of language and cultural proficiency.
    Students maintain self-esteem through the respect and appreciation of their language & culture.


    Fore more information on our program or to register, please contact Michelle MacMillan.