• Overview of Title I Program

    Title I, Part A, provides local educational agencies (LEA) resources that help children gain a high quality education and the skills to master Florida Standards. Title I provides additional resources to schools with economically disadvantaged students. These resources provide additional teachers, professional development, extra time for teaching, parent involvement activities, and other activities designed to raise student achievement.

    The goal of Title I is to improve student achievement through effective instruction, professional development, and parent involvement.

    Title I is an entitlement program under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), the latest amendment to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Title I funds are intended to provide supplemental resources to schools with concentrated poverty. The goals of Title I increased student achievement, particularly with the lowest achieving students, through improved parent involvement and professional development of staff.

    Schools receiving Title I funds are required to have a Title I Plan. The School Improvement Plan, with some additions, fulfills the requirement for a Title I Plan. The Title I/School Improvement Plan consists of a Comprehensive Needs Assessment, Goals and Strategies for core academic areas, includes professional development and parental involvement activities, and a budget which will demonstrate how available funds will be used to implement the plan. Title I expenditures must align with and support the Title I/School Improvement Plan.

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    Parent Information

    As a parent/guardian, you play an important role in your child’s academic career. Your involvement in your child’s education at school and at home allows your child to see that you value their education. It is important that all parents be actively involved in every step of their child’s education. Decades of research show that when parents are involved in their children’s education:

    • children tend to earn higher grades
    • received higher scores on tests
    • attend school more regularly
    • complete homework
    • demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviors
    • graduate from high school at higher rates
    • impart positive student achievement, and, are more likely to enroll in higher education than students with less involved parents/families.

    Most students at all levels want their families to be a more knowledgeable partner about their schooling and are willing to take active roles in assisting communications between school and home. Let’s work together in preparing our children to become responsible, productive citizens in a changing world. 

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