• What is happening?

    On Thursday, March 25th for face-to-face students and Friday, March 26th for digital students, we will begin checking out laptops to each 6th grade student to use at school and at home.

    The students will receive an 11-inch lightweight Dell laptop, a charger for the laptop, and a carrying case. The student will need to bring the laptop back to school everyday, fully charged ready for class. The laptops internet activity will be filtered and monitored during both school and home use.

  • How do I get my laptop?

    Beginning on Friday, February 26th, a packet will be sent home for parents and students to review and sign. The packet will contain a letter detailing the 1:1 laptop initiative, a check-out form requiring both student and parent signatures, a borrower form requiring both student and parent signatures, and a handout detailing common care tips, expectations, and troubleshooting tips.

    Forms will be able to be returned to the school starting on Monday, March 1st. There will be a drop-box in the Media Center for all forms to be submitted for review. Forms that are incomplete or incorrect will be returned to the student for correction.

  • When do I get my laptop?

    Laptop distribution will begin on Thursday, March 25th for all face-to-face 6th grade students and Friday, March 26th for all 6th grade digital students.

    Face-to-face students will visit the Media Center during their World History period on Thursday, March 25th for laptop pickup provided all forms have been submitted and filled out correctly.

    Digital students will visit the school on Friday, March 26th from 10:30 to 12:30 for pickup. Distribution will be handled in a drive-thru fashion and forms will be available to sign and review at that time. For speed of service, it is recommended to print out the forms ahead of time and have them ready on the pickup date.

  • What if I need tech support?

    For face-to-face students, if tech support is needed, students will need to get a lunch pass to visit a Tech STAR in the Media Center. From there, the Tech STAR will attempt to solve the issue and, if unsuccessful, collect the laptop, a student statement describing the issue, and forward it to the I.T. department for assessment. This is the same procedure if the device is discovered to be damaged and needs to be reported as such.

    For digital students, on-campus tech support is provided Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:00 to 12:00. No appointment is needed. Please have the laptop fully charged and powered on before you come on campus to request tech support.

  • What if my device is damaged?

    For face-to-face students, the procedure remains the same as detailed previously for tech support issues. Students will get a lunch pass and visit a Tech STAR in the Media Center and report that their device is damaged. The Tech STAR will collect the laptop, a written student statement describing the damage and how it happened, and will then forward it to the I.T. department for assessment.

    For digital students, parents will bring the laptop to the front office and report that it was damaged. The laptop will be collected, a written statement describing the damage and how it happened will be filled out, and it will then be forwarded to the I.T. department for assessment.

    All damages are subject to the fees listed in the Technology Equipment Fee Schedule found below.

  • Technology Equipment Fee Schedule

    • Laptop Damage Not Covered Under Warranty:
      • Accidental Damage: $100
      • Intentional Damage: $100 (1st time), $150 (2nd time), $200 (3rd time)
    • Unreturned Laptop: $400
    • Damaged/Unreturned Laptop Charger: $20
    • Damaged/Unreturned Cases: $10


    Procedure for Unreturned Devices

    • Unreturned fees assessed according to Technology Equipment Fee Schedule and billed to parent
    • Devices deactivated and marked missing in district systems immediately
    • Police report filed if device unreturned or fees unpaid after 30 days from billing date