• Free and Reduced Lunch

    Why Isn't Lunch Free?

    Benefits of Free and Reduced Meals

    Free and reduced lunch applications are available and ALL students must apply.  
    On August 5, from 3 - 4 pm, before open house, we will be available in the media center to help complete applications.  You will need :  
    1. Parent/Guardian Social Security Number 

    2. Parent/Guardian Monthly or weekly income 

    3. Parent/Guardian Access case number * (if applicable) 

    It is IMPERATIVE to complete application for : 

    • Two SAT Waivers (saves student a total of $120.00) 

    • Two ACT Waivers (saves student a total of $117.00) 

    • Four College Application Fee Waivers (saves student $120.00 or more depending on college fees) 

    • After School Tutoring and Transportation 

    • Valencia Dual Enrollment Transportation 

    • Extra School Programs and Resources during and after school 

    • Frequently Asked Questions