Scott Struyk

  • Welcome

    Mr. Scott Struyk

    EMAIL: scott.struyk@osceolaschools.net

    Welcome to the Kissimmee Middle School Band! Students are given the opportunity to develop personal leadership skills through the study of music. Experiences in band include extensive music skill development, opportunity for creative expression and public performance. At Kissimmee, your membership in our band program will be like being part of a musical family along with developing lifelong friendships.

  • Band 1

    Students without any band experience start in this class. Students are given instruction on Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, Tuba and Percussion. Students will learn music reading, basic music theory and how to make a good tone on their band instrument. Students will be given enough instruction with this class to continue in band in their future years.

    Band 2

    This is an intermediate band class that is designed for students that have had prior experience in band. This class will offer continued refinement of music reading, music theory, tone quality, and instrument technique.

    Band 3

    This is an advanced band. This band is made up of mostly 8th graders and advanced 7th graders. Students enrolled in this class will be expected to achieve the highest levels of musicality on their instruments for themselves and for the band. Student leadership is encouraged thru small group sectionals and full rehearsal settings.

    Jazz Band

    This is an advanced course for our students and is intended as a supplemental ensemble to our band program. This class will introduce students to the different jazz styles, jazz history and jazz improvisation. Each student will be expected to work well in small group sectionals and full rehearsal settings. The main instrument make up is, Saxophones, Trumpets and Trombones. The rhythm section includes Electric Guitar and Bass, Drum Set and Piano. Flutes and Clarinet players are encouraged to learn saxophone to join this group. A small number of Flutes and Clarinets can join with instructor approval.