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  • The Only Dual Language Middle School in Osceola County

    Kissimmee Middle School is the only Dual Language Middle School in Osceola County.  A Dual Language Program is an educational model that promotes high academic achievement, while supporting English language development and cross-cultural understanding for all students.  In this model all academic subjects are taught to all students in both English and Spanish. 

    The benefits of participating in this program are many.  If you are an English Language Learner (ELL) enrolled in a dual immersion program, learning to speak, read, and write English is about many things. It’s about new words. It’s about pronunciation. It’s about becoming bilingual and biliterate. Above all, it is about maintaining your native tongue while gaining access to grade-level classes in math, science, and other subjects.

    Dual-language immersion programs are effective because they encourage students to master English but not at the cost of losing their native language.  It is our hope that our students will be well prepared and have the pride and self-confidence to be successful in the competitive international community.  Parents wanting their children to continue participating in a Duel Language Program are welcome to enroll their child at Kissimmee Middle School.