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    The Parent Teacher Organization is a combination of dedicated parents, faculty, and staff. The PTO meets on the second Thursday of every month. PTO provides money for playground equipment, incentives to students and teachers, classroom supplies, along with other educational materials to enhance our children's education. PTO sponsors several events throughout the year including dances, game nights, bingo night, a holiday store, and other fun family events to raise funds. PTO meetings are an excellent way to have your voice heard and to see the differences being made. The PTO's main goal is always the same: our MCE students' success! Flyers are sent home with the meeting dates and topics of discussion every month. During the meeting we provide free babysitting, snacks, and translation when needed.


    The School Advisory Council (SAC) is made up of faculty and staff members, parents, community members, and business partners. We meet on the second Thursday of each month following the PTO meeting. Our agenda topics include discussions about school finances, student assessments, parent involvement activities, and the progress of our School Improvement Plan goals.  SAC meetings are a great opportunity to learn about things happening within and around our school. A flyer is sent home monthly with the meeting date, time, and agenda. We provide free babysitting, snacks, translation, and an open forum.