Dual Language Program

  • DL Mission Statement

    Belinda Reyes - Executive Director of Multicultural Curriculum, Instruction and Compliance
    Lastenia Peñaloza - Coordinator of Multicultural Curriculum, Instruction and Compliance
    Deborah Oms - MED Student Education/Dual Language Specialist
    Tamara Agosto-Walker - Dual Language Resource Specialist
    Gladys Moreta - Dual Language Resource Specialist

    Participating Schools

    Boggy Creek Elementary School
    Chestnut Elementary School
    East Lake Elementary School
    Kissimmee Elementary School
    Thacker Avenue Elementary School for International Studies
    Ventura Elementary School
    Kissimmee Middle School


    The Dual Language Program is an educational model that promotes high academic achievement, while supporting second language development, and cross cultural understanding for all students.  Academic subjects are taught to all students in English and Spanish.  The program creates an additive bi-literate environment for all students; first language is maintained, while the second language is acquired.


    The program's vision is to educate our students in a multicultural learning environment. Provide an effective academic approach with an additive bilingual environment in which our students will have greater opportunities, as a result of the acquisition of two languages. It is our hope that our students will be well prepared, and have the pride and self-confidence 
    to be successful in the competitive international community.


    Students with the ability to process information in two languages develop a higher level of thinking skills.
    Students perform at or above grade level in both languages as demonstrated in district-wide reading assessments and State Assessment Test (FSA-minimal 3rd grade retention); The program promotes future academic success, therefore students will have greater opportunities in a competitive global society.
    Students effectively communicate in both languages demonstrating a high level of language and cultural proficiency.
    Students maintain self-esteem through the respect and appreciation of their language & culture.

    Helpful Resources

    Dual Language Resource Websites list is a compilation of internet resources that contain educational material available in more than one language. Each website offers information and activities that Dual Language teachers, parents and students may find useful.

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