• Island Village Elementary School, also referred to as IVES, is eagerly preparing to open its doors in August 2023, marking the beginning of an extraordinary journey for students and families alike! Nestled in the enchanting community of Celebration, Island Village stands just one mile away from Celebration High School.

    At IVES, we believe in unlocking the unique gifts within each student through an unwavering commitment to creativity and talent development. Through a diverse range of opportunities encompassing academics, athletics, and the arts, our students will embark on a captivating exploration of their interests. 

    Our school mascot, the Osprey, is a majestic creature renowned as a sea hawk, river hawk, and fish hawk, symbolizing the remarkable power of adaptation and unwavering focus. As our students soar to new heights, they will embody the strength, agility, and determination exemplified by this extraordinary creature.

    We are proud to wear our school colors, purple and yellow, and look forward to working together to “Ignite our JOY” every day at Island Village Elementary School. 

    Welcome to the remarkable journey that awaits Island Village Elementary School, where dreams take flight, and brilliance finds its stage!!