High School Digital Learning Instructions

  • Core Subject Areas (ELA/Reading, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science) and Electives (Physical Education, Art, Music, Etc.)

    • Log into ClassLink from the district webpage

    • Click on the TEAMS button in ClassLink for assignments for each core class and special area classes. If you use Edgenuity or Canvas, continue using as you have been.

    • Participate in live and recorded lessons with your teacher and complete teacher-assigned lessons that your teachers will provide you with through TEAMS or Canvas

    •Teachers will utilize TEAMS, REMIND, and FOCUS to communicate with you daily


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How much time should I be spending on my classwork?

    A: We expect students to spend between five and half  to six hours on their assignments each day, Monday through Friday, asdhering to the regular schoold ay schedule. Frequent breaks, healthy activity, and healthy snacks are recommended to break up screen time.


    Q: What if I forgot my login, password, or just can't get into ClassLink? 

    A: Please call your school for assistance or call our Digital Learning Hotline at 407-870-4037.


    Q: What do I do if I'm unable to make contact with my teacher? 

    A: Contact your school principal or assistant principal. They will ensure that your teacher is aware you are trying to contact them.