• Welcome to Celebration High School – and to the AVID Program!

    We are a premiere program on Celebration’s campus! We are a college prep class that enables students to develop lifelong skills such as: note-taking, organization, time-management, community relations and teambuilding. Come join the AVID Family!

    Your child is very fortunate to have the opportunity to be in the AVID Program. “AVID” stands for “Advancement Via Individual Determination.” While AVID is continuing to grow in Osceola County, it has been implemented around the country for almost 35 years. AVID is a rigorous “college-prep” program designed for the success of your child, and the AVID Elective class is a critical part of that program. For more information, feel free to visit the AVID website: www.avid.org.

    In the AVID Elective Class, we will focus on your child’s writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization and reading skills (WICOR). We will also provide him or her the opportunity to hear several motivational speakers as well as engage in experiences to prepare your child for college. A large percent of the AVID Elective grade depends on the organization of his or her binder, as well as participation in tutorial sessions. Their AVID Elective teacher is to prepare them for college by guiding them towards greatness during their high school career. They will be pushed hard academically but they will have their AVID support system to assist.

    To learn more about the AVID Program check out the video link below!

    AVID Video - People Like Me