• Students have the opportunity to apply for the Valencia or OTECH Dual Enrollment Program twice during the school year (Fall and Spring Semester). 

    Interested in applying for DE (Dual Enrollment) for Spring of 2022? Applications are now open.  You have from September 15 - October 15th to apply.  Please see your school counselor if you have any questions. Click to apply to Valencia College Dual Enrollment

    Valencia College

    The Dual Enrollment (DE) Program provides an opportunity for qualified high school students to enroll in Valencia College courses while concurrently enrolled in high school. Student eligibility is determined by Osceola District Schools and Valencia College.

    1. Seniors or juniors must be 16 years of age or older
    2. Demonstrate “college readiness” by passing college placement exams (SAT, ACT, PERT)
    3. Earn a cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 unweighted scale
    4. Have the approval of the high school
    5. Have parental/guardian permission 

    Students earn credits toward high school graduation and their college transcripts upon successful completion of the course; high school credits receive an additional point weighting with a “C” or better final grade. Interested students should speak with their Guidance Counselor prior to registering for the next year. To register, students must bring a completed Dual Enrollment Application when selecting their courses for next year.

    Dual Enrollment Scheduling Guidelines

    4 classes at Valencia – full time, no classes at high school 3 classes at Valencia – 1-3 classes at high school

    2 classes at Valencia – 2-4 classes at high school 1 class at Valencia – 5 classes at high school


    *Number of high school courses is based on level or credit earned at Valencia and should total a minimum of 6 credits total per year

    ** It is important to note that withdrawal from a dual enrollment course could adversely impact the student’s ability to graduate from high school in a timely manner, have a negative impact on the college transcript, Bright Futures and future Financial Aid. Withdrawal from 2 courses makes you ineligible to take courses the following semester.



    Students must be Juniors or Seniors to participate in dual enrollment.

    Dual enrollment students may attend full-time or part-time depending on program availability.

    Osceola County public high school students are provided tuition, lab fees and textbooks free of charge.Some programs may require additional supplies not covered by the school district.Dual enrollment students will be informed of any costs associated with their program of interest during orientation.

    Students receiving transportation to and from their home school would follow a typical high school schedule (i.e. early release on Wednesday).

    Some programs will not be completed within the dual enrollment timeline. In these cases, program completion will require re-enrollment as an adult student.


    Students interested in signing up for dual enrollment at oTECH must apply through their high school counselor. The counselor or the student must submit a completed dual enrollment application by the deadline:

    Fall deadline: Contact oTECH or your School Counselor

    Spring deadline: Contact oTECH or your School Counselor - See below:

    • Juniors & Seniors: The OTECH Dual Enrollment Application for Spring 2022 is now open.  This is your chance to study for a trade or career pathway and earn
    • post-secondary credits while in high school.  Must have a 2.0 GPA, good attendance, no displicine issues, and be on track for graduation.  See your school counselor for an application.

    All dual enrollment acceptances are based on the following criteria:

    Minimum 2.0 unweighted GPA

    Student meets minimum graduation requirements at time of application

    Student has successfully demonstrated mastery on the FSA exam during their 10th grade year or has produced an appropriate concordant score on the SAT or ACT exam or has an official FSA waiver from their home school

    Student must have minimal attendance issues (i.e. tardiness, absences, skipping class)

    No level 3 referrals or higher within previous 6 months

    History of satisfactory academic progress

    TABE test required within the first 6 weeks of start date (to be taken at oTECH)

    Visit the OTECH website for more information@