Community Service Information

  • How to Document Community Service:

    Please provide the following:

    1. Who did the community service?
    2. What service was performed?
    3. When and where it occurred?
    4. Number of hours completed
    5. Signature of supervisor

    Community Service at School: 

    Class of 2022 use the following community service hours form 

    Class of 2023, 2024 and 2025 use the following community service hours form


    Community Service outside the school: 

    Please have the information on company / business letterhead

    What are the requirements for community service?

    • Students must perform volunteer services on their own time, which can include lunch breaks and after school.
    • Fundraising for non-profit organizations or charities is acceptable.
    • Service may be volunteered to the school and/or the community.
    • Service may be performed for profit-making organizations ONLY if they are institutions like hospitals or nursing homes.
    • Volunteer work for a religious or political organization will ONLY count as volunteer hours if, for example, your church youth group helps with the
    • Special Olympics or the political organization promotes non-partisan activities, such as voter registration.
    • Vacation Bible School and working in the church nursery are acceptable.

    What does NOT count towards community service?

    • Service rendered as a prerequisite for employment.
    • Service performed for a student's family, neighbors, or friends or for profit-making organizations.
    • Attendance at self-improvement workshops, conferences, or competitions.
    • Service performed a s result of disciplinary action taken by the school or courts.
    • Participation in Varsity or Junior Varsity athletics, or regularly scheduled band or chorus performances.
    • Common activities such as acolyte, altar server, lay reader, church choir and clerical work for religious organizations.
    • Babysitting
    • Any paid service
    • Volunteer service work involving academic requirements for a class

     *The above criteria will not cover all circumstances.  If a question exists regarding the acceptance of an activity for volunteer service, the student's school counselor should approve the service prior to the student's participation.

    Possible Volunteer Opportunities in the Community

    St. Cloud Little League
    St. Cloud Soccer Club Concession Stand 
    St. Cloud Hospital
    Elementary and Middle Schools
    Nursing Homes
    Assisting Teachers at SCHS
    Humane Society/Animal Shelter
    Heavenly Hooves
    Public Library
    Give Kids the World
    Relay for Life
    Gift for Teaching
    Mission Trips
    Red Cross
    School Food Banks