Students must adhere to the Osceola School District uniform policy:

    *School administrators have the final authority to decide if clothing complies with Distrcit rules*

    NPMS Gear

  • Polos, college shirts, and spirit shirt...

    • Students must wear either a navy, white, black, or yellow/gold polo Monday through Thursday
    • Students may wear a college/university t-shirt and or jersey on Thursdays to support college and career readiness
    • School spirit t-shirts (club/athletic team t-shirts included) can be worn on Fridays only. School spirit t-shirts can be purchased in the front office for $10.00 


     Khaki's, jeans, and shorts...

    • Students are required to wear either khaki, navy, black or denim pants, shorts, or skirts
    • Jackets and sweatshirts must be fully able to unzip.
    • No Pullovers will be allowed.



    • Pullovers, jackets, and or sweaters that cannot be unzipped or unbuttoned
    • Crocs or and other footwear that has an open toe or heal
    • Jeans and pants that are excessively distressed or altered in manner which shows skin
    • Jogger, athletic pants/shorts, sweatpants, yoga pants/shorts
    • Hats are not allowed 


  • prohibited