• Celebration High School is the ONLY high school in the entire state of Florida where students can step into the many benefits of learning about Residential Property Management.  All other students in Florida have to wait until college to take these classes, but at Celebration High School you can get ahead.
    There are MANY benefits of taking Residential Property Management classes at Celebration.  Here are a partial list of benefits:
     * Some students who are in RPM classes at Celebration High are employed at rental properties part-time after school and/or on the weekends
     * There is a 90% chance that by age 25 you will be renting.  Some students are getting prepared so that they will do right when they go to rent a place, and in the meantime provide advice to their parents and families about renting.
      * There are many, many residential rental properties in Central Florida, which means there are many, many jobs and career opportunities in Residential Property Management.  You can get a start in the industry while still in high school and have a smoother transition to work after graduation.
    * Some students are looking to save money in college by becoming a Resident Assistant, RA, or Dorm Manager.  Less than 10% of college students get these positions where a student assists in managing a section of student housing.  The students who do this don't have to pay for their own housing, or they get a price reduction, or they get a break on tuition.  Students at Celebration High in the Residential Property Management program are in a superb position to establish themselves to be an RA, Resident Assistant, or Dorm Manager and save every semester in college.
     * Residential Property Management classes are business classes that include general business, management, marketing, contracts, budgeting, website building, and more.  Whether the goal is to get some business classes and skills for getting any job, or because of the competitiveness in getting accepted into college, or if wanting to start a new business, or wanting to build a strong resume', RPM classes are business classes that help achieve these goals.
     * There are also optional activities related to Residential Property Management at Celebration.  Some of those activities so far have been field trips, selling goods for fundraising, running the school-wide rewards program, the RPM club, volunteer hours for graduation, and other activities.  The optional activities are a great combination of gaining some leadership while learning and having fun.
    When opportunity knocks, take it!  This is a unique opportunity. Celebration High School is the only school in Florida that has a Residential Property Management program, so take advantage of the MANY benefits while you can.