• Transportation

    Celebration High Scholl Bus Route Information

    Bus Route Information is now posted and can be found by clicking here

    Here Comes The Bus (Effective 9/12/23)

    Here Comes the Bus is an easy-to-use school bus tracking software that gives parents and students the ability to track the location of their school buses. If you're interested in utilizing this free software, you can read more abot it here

    District Code: 73760

    Bus Bulletin

    Bus Bulletin is a website that allows school district personnel who work in the Transportation department to notify you with information regarding your child's bus. You have the choice to receive text messages, emails, or voice notificatios on your cell or home phone. Typically, text messages are received within 30 seconds from the time they are sent. This means you know when it still matters, not after the fact. If you are interested in registering for this free service, please click here

    If you have any questions related to transportation, you may contact the dean below:

    Beltran Munoz, Dean  Cheryl Vicari