• Off Campus Lunch 


    Off campus lunch is a privilege reserved for our juniors and seniors at Celebration High School. Please take note of the following information as related to off campus lunch:

    • Applications can be picked up in Student Services or by clicking here.
    • Students must turn in their Student ID when leaving campus
    • Once approved, students will be provided a different colored Student ID to indicate they are authorized for off campus lunch
    • Students without their ID will not be allowed to leave campus
    • Cost is $10 and can only be paid online by clicking here (please note these forms must be notarized)

    Student Requirements:

    • No referrals
    • Minimum 2.5 GPA
    • Juniors need to have a minimum of 12 credits / Seniors need to have a minimum of 18 credits
    • No current outstanding obligations

    Competing the SDOC form for off campus lunch means acknowledging that those permissions may be revoked if:

    • Student transports ineligible students away from the school premises during the lunch period.
    • The student brings any outside food or drinks on campus.
    • Fails to check out with the staff member on checkout duty.
    • Student loses their off campus lunch ID, replacements will not be provided.

    Otherwise abuses the privilege by:

    • Tardiness (Loss of privilege of two weeks for the first tardy and a full nine weeks for the second tardy)
    • Any future tardies or failure to return will result in revocation for the remainder of the school year.

     If you have any questions related to off campus lunch, you may contact the dean below:

    Rokaia Taylor, Dean  Cheryl Vicari