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    Character Breakdown 

    11/14 - Auditions 2:20-5:00pm - High School Audition Information.pdf

    Song Option

    11/15 - Chorus Auditions 2:20-5:30 - If you are interested in being in the nuns' chorus you only need to attend this day! 

    11/14 - Young Company Auditions - 6:00pm-7:30pm - Young Company Audition Information.pdf

    11/15 - Vocal Callbacks

    11/16 - Acting Callbacks


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    Audition Signup - High School and Young Company

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    • Actors are asked to prepare a monologue from the list provided below. 

    • 16-32 Bar of a Musical Theatre Ballad (Rodgers and Hammerstein preferred) 


    For your The Sound of Music audition, please prepare one of the provided monologues below!

    Choosing the right monologue is an important part of your audition preparation. A

    polished monologue gives you a chance to show off your acting skills and demonstrate your

    connection to the production. Here are some suggestions on how to get started!

    1) Familiarize yourself with the show! Read the script, listen to the music, watch samples of

    performances on YouTube, and thoroughly read all of the audition information, including

    the character descriptions that have been provided.

    2) Ask yourself: Which role(s) do I see myself in? Which role(s) do I think the directors will

    See me in? Consider all of the possibilities!

    3) Choose a monologue that captures the essence of the characters that you would like to

    be considered for, but read through all of the options. Be open to the discovery that this

    exercise may lead you to!

    4) Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Perform your monologue in front of your loved ones and

    ask for feedback to help you improve your audition and increase your comfort.

    5) Memorization is a plus, but is not required.

    Have fun! We are excited to see your performance!

    Tech Theatre Information

    For Arsenic and Old Lace- due to the fast nature of the production calendar, design decisions for all departments will be made during the 4th period Theatre Production Class.

    A Run Crew will be hired at the time of auditions for this show we will be hiring:

      • Stage Manager
      • Assistant Stage Manager (2)
      • Props Manager
      • Assistant Props Manager
      • Wardrobe Manager
      • Assistant Wardrobe Manager
      • Wardrobe Crew (3)
      • Light Board Operator
      • Audio Assistants
      • Hair and Makeup Designer
      • Hair and Makeup Crew (3)
      • Master Carpenter
      • Carpentry Crew
      • Deck Crew Captain
      • Charge Artist
      • Paints Crew 
      • Run Crew Members (3)
      • House Manager

    After-School Tech Schedule

    The schedule will be different from previous years.  The bulk of the prep work for Sound, Lighting, Props, and Costuming will happen during the school day during Mr. Schoonover's classes.  Half of the build will happen during the school day and half will happen after school.  Scenic painting will happen after school.

    Monday- 2:30-6:30 (Young crew invited at 4:30): Paints, Carpentry, Props, Costumes, Hair and Makeup

    Wednesday- 2:30-5:30: Paints, Carpentry, Props, Costumes, Hair and Makeup  

    Thursday - 2:30-5:30: Production Heads and Team Members