• Valencia Dual Enrollment Fall 2021


    Do you want to become a Valencia Dual Enrollment student for the Fall of 2021?

    You must have a 3.0 Unweighted GPA to apply (or a 3.0 Weighted for Seniors).

     Follow the steps below. See your counselor if you have any questions.


    Step 1: You must apply to Valencia before you do anything else. The application opens Monday, February 1st and closes Monday, March 1st. The free application is online: www.valenciacollege.edu/dual. Click “Apply Now”. (We will not give the PERT to students who have not applied.)

    Step 2: You must pass the following three sections of the PERT, ACT, or SAT to be accepted into Valencia. Test scores are due to Valencia by Monday, April 5th. Acceptable scores:

    • PERT: Writing (103), Reading (106), Math (114 Intermediate Algebra. 123 College Algebra)
    • SAT: Writing (25), Critical Reading (24), Math (24 Intermediate Algebra or 26 College Algebra)
    • ACT: Reading (19), English (17), Math: (19 Intermediate Algebra or 21 College Algebra)

    Students are responsible for sending their SAT and ACT scores directly to Valencia. Please keep in mind these scores can take up to 5 weeks to reach the college and must be received by Monday, April 5th. This means you will need to send them immediately.

    The PERT test will be given at SCHS the week of March 8th-March 12th.

    Face-to-Face learners: We will automatically send a pass for Face-to-Face Learners who are on campus at SCHS.

    Digital Learners: If you are a Digital Learner who needs to take the PERT you will need to fill in this form (the bit.ly link below) so we can schedule you: (make sure your email on this form is entered correctly!  Mrs. Winnermark will email you with your testing dates -- if your email is entered incorrectly, then you'll not be able to receive communication and will then have to take the PERT at Valencia).


    (If you want to take the PERT at SCHS be sure you apply to Valencia by Friday, February 19th so we have time to add you to our list.

    You can still apply to Valencia until Monday, March 1st but YOU WILL HAVE to take the PERT there instead of at SCHS.)

    If the student misses the test that day or doesn’t get the score they need, they can take the PERT again with Valencia prior to Monday, April 5th through an online testing platform. The student will be responsible for calling the Valencia Testing Center and setting up their own appointment to test.

    Step 3: If you meet all requirements you will be accepted into the Dual Enrollment program. They will send you an email acceptance letter. Once your school counselor is notified of all final acceptances, we will call you down to go over the rest of the dual enrollment process.