• Per the School District of Osceola County: there are 2 different types of Volunteering

    COMMUNITY SERVICE is defined as identifying a social issue in the community. This requires students to look beyond themselves and reach out to an issue faced by our society today (i.e. poverty, abuse, elderly rights, etc.). These hours will meet the requirement for the Bright Futures scholarships.

    VOLUNTEER SERVICE is defined as assisting where needed and does not necessarily address a social issue. Although these hours are not recorded on the transcript, students can keep a log of these activities for use when applying for college, job applications, awards and scholarships other than the Bright Futures. A great place to store this information is Xello.

    The required community service work hours for the Bright Futures Scholarships are as follows:
    •Florida Academic Scholarship – 100 hours
    •Florida Medallion Scholarship – 75 hours
    •Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholarship – 30 hours
    •Florida Gold Seal CAPE Scholarship – 30 hours


    Community Service Documentaion For Bright Futures purposes

    1. Proposal form - this ensure the hours a student completes on a project (location/activity) will count for the Bright Futures requirements.

    2. ONLY AFTER PROPOSAL HAS BEEN APPROVED - student will receive an hours log from their counselor. After hours are complete or an hours log is full the student will turn it in to their counselor. The counselor will keep documentation and add the approved hours to the students file in FOCUS.

    3. After all hours are complete for a project/location/activity, the student will complete the reflection page (page 2 of the hours log).

    EACH NEW PROJECT needs this entire packet of documents (proposal, hours, and reflection)


    See below for a proposal form. The counselors also have copies in thier office if you don't have access to a printer.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.