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    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    BYOD is an acronym for Bring Your Own Device.  The District defines a device as a personally owned laptop, tablet, netbook, e-Reader, iPod touch or iPad, or cell/smart phone.  Students of the School District may now bring their own technology to their school to be used in classrooms under the direct supervision of their teacher. It is the student’s responsibility to comply with Osceola County School District policies in accordance with the Student   Internet   and   Network   Use   Procedures,   Network Acceptable Use Policy, and Code of Student Conduct while utilizing a personal device on school grounds or in any building owned or operated by the School Board.

    The student is fully responsible, at all times, for the personally owned device(s) brought to school. The  school  District is not liable  for  any  loss/damage/theft  of  a  personally  owned  device. A  student  bringing  a  device  to school  must  use  the  BYOD  wireless  network  and  is  not  authorized  to  connect  personally  owned   devices   to   the   WIRED   network.      The   student   is   responsible  for  the  condition  of the  device  brought  to  school, including  updates,  antivirus  software,  and  repair. The  student  may   only   use   personally   owned   devices   for   educational purposes  during  school  hours  in  classrooms/designated  areas in  which  teachers  have  agreed  to  participate  in  the  BYOD Program.    Outside these classrooms/designated areas, all electronic devices should be turned off and not be visible.  No device, personal or otherwise, may be used to record, store, or transmit   any   type   of   image,   sound,   or   video   from   any classroom/designated area, except for approved projects with the express permission of the classroom teacher.  If reasonable belief  exists  that  the  student  has   violated  the  terms  of  this  agreement,  or  other  school  or  district  policies,  the  student’s device  may  be  inspected  and/or  confiscated.  Subsequent or additional disciplinary action involving misuse of technology may extend  to  loss  of  technology  privileges  or  further  action  as  defined  in  the  Code  of  Student Conduct.  Students are not to share passwords or devices with other students. 

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