• Dress Code & ID's

    • Students will wear PATHS logo polos in blue, lime green, white, gray or black.
    • Pants may be khaki, navy or black. No Jeans (black or blue) are allowed except on Fridays. No rips or tears in pants. No leggings or athletic wear.
    • Appropriate length skirts may be worn in khaki, navy or black.
    • No shorts allowed.
    • For safety purposes, no Crocs allowed.
    • No hoodies with the exception of a PATHS or oTECH hoody. All others must have a zipper.
    • Spirit T-shirts allowed on Fridays with blue or black jeans.
    • In honor of the class of 2023, students may wear a college T- shirt on the 23rd of each month.
    • Exceptions due to oTECH requirements for Juniors and Seniors- each program has their own specific uniform.



    Teal School Polo           White School Polo                   Lime Green Polo


    oTECH Uniforms

    otech uniforms