• digital design

    The Digital Design program offers a broad foundation of knowledge and skills to prepare students for employment in digital publishing and graphic design. The content includes, but is not limited to, enhanced practical experiences in computer-generated art and text, graphic design, graphic production, electronic design skills, preparation of electronic layouts and illustrations, and electronic scanning, and development of specialized skills in multimedia presentations.

    Microsoft Office Specialist Certification (MOS)
    ACA Adobe InDesign
    ACA Adobe Photoshop
    ACA Adobe Illustrator
    ACA Adobe Premiere Pro
    ACA Adobe Dreamweaver

Program Details

  • Time to Complete: 1200 hours / Approximately 12 months

    Estimated Cost: $5,200

    Requirements: CTE Basic Skills Assessment Requirements 

    Reading 9

    Language 9

    Math 9

What you'll learn

  • Occupational Completion Points

    Information Technology Assistant - 150 hours
    Production Assistant - 150 hours
    Digital Assistant Designer - 300 hours
    Graphic Designer - 300 hours
    Media Designer - 300 hours
    *Successful completion of an OCP may qualify a student for employment.

    Central Florida Wage Statistics Source

    Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

Campus Offering

  • Kissimmee

class schedule

  • Full Time:
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
    7:10 am - 2:10 pm

    7:10 am - 1:10 pm

    Part-Time: Dual Enrollment only

    Morning Session:
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
    7:10 am - 10:10 am

    7:10 am - 9:30 am

    Afternoon Session:
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
    11:10 am - 2:10 pm

    10:30 am - 1:10 pm