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    Our mission is to introduce students to the objectives of the Cosmetology profession, including hair, skin, and nail care. The ability to identify concepts of medical terminology and body structures dealing with cosmetology. Defining terminologies and strategies of cosmetology, dealing with disease, disorders, and wellness. To introduce infection control concepts, safety principles, and standards. Defining and identifying structures and functions of the hair, skin, and nails. Safely performing hair related chemical procedures correctly to produce safe, correct and accurate results. State board testing requirements and sanitation. Defining the principles of salon management, professionalism and client interactions with ethical practices and behaviors.

    State of Florida Cosmetology License Examination

  • "What I liked the most about oTECH Cosmetology was the dedication of my teacher to make sure that we succeeded. She constantly motivated and pushed us to do the best we could, and I benefited a lot from that. It was also nice that we were given opportunities to practice or learn about our newly developed skills through field trips and school events. If you are looking to so Cosmetology, I highly recommend that you take Mrs. Elliott's class. When you give your 100% you will receive 100% in return, and for sure have fun while you do it. Plus, it's nice to know that I will be in a career that can support me for life without having to pay outrageous college tuition, and I can start right out of school."  

    - Victoria, Sharon Elliott's Cosmetology student at Poinciana Campus 


Program Details

  • Time to Complete: 1200 hours / Approximately 12 months

    Estimated Cost of Tuition: $ 7,366.59


    CTE Basic Skills Assessment  

    Reading 8

    Language 8

    Math 8


    Once the students are prepared we do offer full salon services. The prices are listed in the link below.  

    Prices for services offered

What you'll learn

  • Occupational Completion Points

    Grooming & Salon Services Core, Facials & Nails - 225 Hours
    Cosmetologist & Hairdresser 1 - 300 Hours
    Cosmetologist & Hairdresser 2 - 300 Hours
    Cosmetologist & Hairdresser 3 - 375 Hours
    *Successful completion of an OCP may qualify a student for employment.

    Central Florida Wage Statistics Source

    Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

Campus Offering

  • St. Cloud


Class Schedule

  • Full Time:
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    7:10 am - 2:45 pm