• crossover CO to LEO

    The Criminal Justice Academy of Osceola is committed to excellence in providing the most extensive, relevant and comprehensive training to present and future law enforcement and corrections officers to provide our citizens with the highest level of professional service possible.

    This program offers a sequence of courses that provides coherent and rigorous content aligned with challenging academic standards and relevant technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare for further education and careers in the Law, Public Safety and Security cluster.

Advanced Credentials & Requirements

  • The FDLA State Law Enforcement Officer's Certification Exam must be passed prior to employment with a law enforcement agency.

    Hours Required:

    Introduction to Law Enforcement - 10 hours
    Legal - 62 hours
    Interactions in a Diverse Community - 40 hours
    Interviewing and Reporting Writing - 56 hours
    Fundamentals of Patrol - 35 hours
    Calls for Service - 36 hours
    Criminal Investigations - 50 hours
    Crime Scene to Courtroom - 35 hours
    Critical Incidents - 44 hours
    Traffic Stops - 30 hours
    DUI Traffic Stops - 24 hours
    Traffic Crash Investigations - 32 hours
    Cross-Over Program Updates - 8 hours
    CMS Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations - 48 hours
    Dart-Firing Stun Gun - 8 hours

    Total: 518 Hours

    *Successful completion of an OCP may qualify a student for employment.

Campus Offering

  • Kissimmee

    Total Cost:


  • Entrance Requirements:

    *Corrections officer must be sponsored by an agency to be eligible for the Crossover to Law Enforcement Officer*

    To become a Law Enforcement Officer in the state of Florida you must:
    Have a valid High School Diploma or GED
    Be at least 19 years of age
    Have a valid Driver’s License
    Be a U.S. Citizen
    Have good moral character

    No Felony convictions (certain misdemeanor convictions could also disqualify eligibility)
    Military Service requires an Honorable Discharge
    A lifetime driving history will be required in the application submission

    All academy applicants must also complete the following tests successfully to gain admittance to the program:
    Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test (CJ BAT)
    Fingerprinting/records check
    Polygraph Examination
    Physical Fitness Test (PFT)--to include physical examination, EKG, and Drug Screen

    All applicants are expected to be in good physical condition upon entry to the academy to meet the demands of the physical training and defensive tactics portions of the training curriculum.
    An initial review of the application and interview will be completed prior to any testing.

    Florida Law Enforcment Academy CJBAT Information

    *You can be EXEMPT from CJBAT exam if you have acquired an associates degree or higher and/or a DD214 form showing honorable discharge*

    Scholarship Opportunity:

    Phil Royal Memorial Scholarship Fun

    Michael Callin Memorial Scholarship