• What is Accelerated Reader?

    Accelerated Reader is a motivational tool that we use at Central Avenue Elementary to promote independent reading.  The more independent reading a child does, the better he or she gets at comprehension, fluency, understanding new vocabulary and understanding the world as a whole.  

    As your child reads a book or is read to, he or she should record the title of the book in order to take the AR quiz.

    Go to Class Link

      SDOC Class Link

    Then to RenPlace  


     If you are prompted to log in, your user name should be your ID# and your password should be your first name. Enter the title, the author or the quiz number of the book and follow the prompts. You should be striving for an 80% or better score.  With an 80% average or better, you will be recognized on our AR board, on morning announcements and earn prizes.  More information about this will be on our Goals page. 

    Please promote a love of independent reading by having your child read at least 20 minutes a night, whether they are read to, read alone or read to someone. 

    Happy Reading!