• The Adult High School (AHS) program provides educational opportunities for individuals wishing to earn a traditional credit-based high school diploma from Adult Learning Center Osceola.


    Students who are over 25 or who have less than 12 credits should schedule a consultation with the Guidance Counselor to determine whether AHS or GED classes would be better, as there have been many changes in graduation requirements and test scores.

    If you are currently enrolled in high school, you must withdraw before you can attend classes through the Adult High School program.

    Students who have attended a high school outside of Osceola County must obtain and drop off or email a transcript to karen.varney@osceolaschools.net.

    If you are a parent registering your child for AHS classes, please enter the potential student’s email address and phone number.  We are an Adult Education school, and each student’s information and progress is private.  If a student would like his/her parent to be able ask questions about progress or schedule, he/she must complete a FERPA Waiver.  Students may request that one be sent electronically.  This would allow selected individuals to receive information.

    The Program

    We offer all academic classes needed for a high school diploma. Our requirements for graduation are the same as other high schools in the State of Florida, with two exceptions:  the Physical Education and Fine Arts requirements may be waived and replaced with electives.  Our classes are all online and offered through Edgenuity.  You are welcome and encouraged to make an appointment with your teacher if you need help in any of your classes.  Help is available at the main campus and at the Poinciana campus of ALCO.

    Testing Requirements

    There is no test required to enroll.  Once enrolled, you must take and/or pass the same state tests as K-12 high schools (FSA-ELA, Algebra 1-EOC, Geometry-EOC, U.S. History-EOC and Biology 1-EOC).  Concordant scores for FSA-ELA and Algebra 1 EOC are the same.  An analysis of your transcript will determine what tests are necessary.

    Students with IEPs or 504 Plans

    Although Adult Education does not provide ESE classes, students with current or past IEP’s or 504 plans may receive accommodations.  You must self-disclose your disability and schedule a meeting with Jeff Keller, our Adult with Disabilities Specialist.  Mr. Keller will develop a 504 plan unique to Adult Education.


    Please see the School Registration page for more information. 

    Diploma & Graduation

    You will receive a standard high school diploma from Adult Learning Center Osceola.  We plan for two graduation ceremonies per year, but the COVID status will determine whether this is possible.  The cost for the diploma is $20.  You may receive your diploma within two weeks of finishing all classwork and necessary testing.  Caps and gowns are provided for graduation at no cost.


    ALCO does not carry student accident insurance. Adults are advised to carry their own insurance.



    Contact Karen Varney, Guidance Counselor, for more information. Karen.varney@osceolaschools.net or 407.343.7306.