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    Q:  How long is a semester?

    A: ALCO offers classes during three (3) semesters in the school year:  Summer (June and July), Fall (August to December), and Spring (January to May).  To see the specific dates, please refer to the School District of Osceola County's 23-24 Academic Calendar.

    Q:  What are the enrollment/registration requirements?

    A: Adult Learning Center Osceola programs are open to individuals who are 16 years of age or older. Applicants seeking enrollment must pay for registration, pay for tuition, and take a placement test. Please refer to our School Registration page to see the specific times at each location.

    Q:  How much are the classes?

    A:  The initial cost for new students for the first semester is $70.  The cost for continuing students for the Fall and Spring semesters is $45.  The cost for continuing students for the Summer semester is $30.

    Q:  Do you offer refunds for the classes?

    A:  Unless the class was cancelled by ALCO, the tuition, registration, and testing fees are non-refundable.

    Q:  Do I have to take a test to take GED® classes?

    A:  Yes.  In order for ALCO to measure your academic language and higher-order Reading and Math skills, you must take the 3-hour GOALS (Greater Opportunities for Adult Learning Success).  While there is no pass or fail on the GOALS, you should try to do your best so you are placed in the proper GED® class. Whether you select face-to-face or self-paced online classes, the GOALS must be taken in person at our Main or Poinciana locations. GOALS test scores expire after one (1) year.  Click here for more information about the Reading GOALS and Math GOALS

    Q:  Do I have to take a test to take English classes?

    A:  Yes.  In order for ALCO to determine your proper English level, you must take the 2-hour CASAS (Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System).  While there is no pass or fail on the CASAS test, you should try to do your best so you are placed in the proper ESOL level. Whether you select face-to-face or virtual classes, the CASAS must be taken in person at our Main or Poinciana locations.  CASAS test scores expire after (1) year. To see what the tests look like, go to the CASAS eTests Sampler and select Life & Work Reading, and Life & Work Listening.

    Q:  What are the class times?

    A:  Our face-to-face and online/virtual class times are Monday through Friday 8:00am-11:00am, Monday through Friday 11:45am-2:45pm and on Tuesday and Thursday 5:30pm-8:30pm.  Please refer to our Programs page to see the specific times at each location.

    Q:  Where can I take classes?

    A:  Our two (2) main campuses are in Kissimmee on Simpson Road and in Poinciana on Cypress Parkway.  We also give English classes at night at Celebration High School, Flora Ridge Elementary School, and Narcoossee Middle School.  For exact locations, please refer to our Programs page.

    Q:  Are classes offered online?

    A:  Yes, virtual classes are live via Microsoft Teams for advanced English levels 5-6.  Self-paced online GED® courses are also offered via GED® Academy.

    Q:  How do I change my class time and/or location?

    A:  If you wish to change your class time and/or location, please call the Main or Poinciana locations.  Transfers will be effective the next day or night of class.

    Q:  If I drive to school, where do I park?  If I ride my bike, where can I leave it? 

    A:  Parking spaces marked STAFF are for employees only and parking spaces marked VISITOR are for 30 minutes only.  At Main, please park in the large STUDENT PARKING lot; at Poinciana, CHS, FRES, and NCMS, please park where it's designated for STUDENTS.  Vehicles should be locked when unoccupied and valuables should not be left in plain sight.  Bicycles must be locked on bike racks or secured and are not permitted in classrooms.

    Q: What other fees are involved with taking classes at ALCO?

    A:  For ESOL, there are no additional fees.  For GED®, you will be required to purchase your GED® exams.  No books or materials will need to be purchased; it is included in your semester fee.   

    Q:  What is the cost of the GED®?

    A: The GED® consists of 4 sections.  Each section costs $32 for a total cost of $128.  More information at ged.com.

    Q: Do I have to attend classes every day or every night?

    A:  Attendance is taken daily or nightly by teachers.  You are encouraged to attend all classes for the full length of the class period.  Communicate with your teacher if you're going to be absent.  After 6 absences in a row, your name will disappear from your teacher's attendance list.  When you return to class, please inform your teacher.

    Q: How long will it take me to learn English or to get my GED®?

    A:  The length of your program will depend your class time, your attendance, and your efforts, and your motivation.  In order for ALCO to see your progress, you must take the CASAS or GOALS post-tests after you receive 70 to 100 hours of classroom instruction.

    Q: Can I take the books from the classrooms?

    A:  No.  All textbooks and workbooks are property of ALCO and are for in-class use only.  Please do not write in books or deface them in any way.  It is recommended that you bring a binder with lined paper or a notebook, some type of folder, pen, pencil, and highlighter.

    Q: Will I get an ALCO ID?

    A:  Yes.  All students will be issued a current school year identification card.  You must wear your student ID at all times while on campus.

    Q: What is your cell phone/electronic devices policy?

    A:  The use of cellular phones or any electronic device in the classroom is not permitted unless approved by the teacher.  While in class, place cellular phone on silent or vibrate mode.  In order to respect the learning of others, you should exit the classroom to place calls or answer incoming calls.

    Q: What is your smoking/drugs/alcohol policy?

    A:  The School Board of Osceola County recognizes that the use of tobacco products is a health, safety, and environmental hazard for students, employees, parents, visitors, and school facilities.--School Board Rule 2.90.  Therefore, the use, possession, or influence of any tobacco (including e-cigarettes), alcohol, or other illegal drugs is prohibited on any district facility and any school grounds or property, including parking lots.

    Q: Do I need to wear a uniform to class?

    A:  No.  ALCO believes in dressing for success.  Please ensure all clothing is appropriate and will not interfere with the learning process.  ALCO reserves the right to apply restrictions on student appearance whenever dress interferes with the learning process, is disruptive, is unsafe, or in contrary to law.  To provide a safe and distraction-free environment, no provocative or offensive clothing is allowed on campus.

    Q: Where are the bathrooms located?

    A:  At the Main campus, bathrooms are located in each classroom and one additional bathroom is located in the front office in Building 2.  At the Poinciana campus, bathrooms are located in the hallway.  At Celebration High School, Flora Ridge Elementary School, and Narcoossee Middle School, bathrooms are located in the building hallways.