• Sanford Hamony
    Sanford Harmony is a social-emotional teaching program that cultivates strong classroom relationships between all students. The program works to develop students into tolerant, compassionate, caring adults of the future. This is done by implementing relationship building and strategies that foster strong classroom communities by helping each child understand and appreciate the diversity in others.

    Sanford Harmony evolves through two fundamental concepts, the "Meet Up" and "Buddy Up."

    The Meet Up is a forum where students gather to build a supportive learning community where all students feel connected and valued in their classroom, Meet Up includes:

    • Activities to connect and build inclusive relationships
    • Establishing and monitoring classroom goals
    • Exchanging experiences and ideas
    • Solving problems
    • Building a positive classroom identity

    The Buddy Up is a peer buddy system that intentionally creates opportunities for diverse students to get to know one another and form connections that promote:

    • Understanding commonalities and embracing differences
    • Empathy and understanding
    • Kindness and support
    • Collaborative problem solving
    • Confidence in expression